Wednesday, March 14, 2018

StreamerHouse bugs, workarounds and release notes

Known bugs and workarounds:

On Xbox one, the app crashes occasionally during background audio playing, this is due to Xbox terminating any background audio app over 128MB memory usage.
To use background audio, please switch to Xbox home menu, quit the app, and start the app again, use minimal menu steps to go to stream you want to listen, and start playing, change quality to "Audio_Only" then switch to Xbox home to enter background audio playing.

Release Notes:

Add Llnk, JayBirdFTW and Rakunvar
Add information header overlay to stream and video
Fix youtube video
Add nvidia stream when streamerhouse is doing nvidia show
Add refresh button to stream page
Fix play button on stream page to resume playing properly
Add Rober to Streamerhouse member
Add twitch videos for all streamerhouse members
Add Donate option to the menu
Remove Crusader from StreamerHouse member
Fix Donation Buttons on Xbox One
Initial public release.